List of Top Desserts That You Should Try in Turkey!

Turkey is a beautiful place with beautiful people and landscapes. Besides that, it is also known in the world for its delicious cuisine. Its starters and the main course are worth mentioning. Also, if you are in Turkey or planning your next trip to this beautiful place, then you should not ignore its delicious desserts.


Turkish desserts are known in the entire world due to their unique taste. One special thing about Turkish desserts is that they are vast in number. Days of the month will end but the list of mouthwatering desserts will never. If you love sweets or you like to eat desserts after the main course, then you should try Turkish desserts. If you are in Turkey or planning to visit this beautiful country, then it’s compulsory to try the following desserts. After trying Turkish dessert, you will say to yourself that it was worth the trip!




The top Turkish Desserts that you should try are listed hereunder:

1. Baklava

One of the top desserts that is liked by Turks and tourists is delicious Baklava. Turkish Baklava is known in the world because of its decadent filling of minced nuts and flaky layers of phyllo dough. It is considered one of the oldest dishes in the world. The most traditional version of baklava consists of walnuts or pistachios and is topped with rosewater or honey syrup.


It is tasty, yummy, delicious, and mouthwatering. If you want to satisfy your taste buds with delicious Turkish delight, then you should eat Baklava. Besides eating after lunch or dinner, you can eat it in the morning or any time of the day.

2. Lokum

Lokum or simply known as Turkish Delight is a mesmerizing dish that attracts foodie tourists to Turkey. It is a traditional dish of Turkey that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. Still, it holds great importance in Turkish desserts and is widely eaten around the world after Baklava.

Turkish delight is a finger-licking dessert consisting of cubes of jelly confection made from sugar syrup and starch. Which are often flavored with lemon or rosewater.


You might have seen Turkish delight on TV or social media. It looks so tasty in photos, imagine how tasty it would be in reality. It can be chewy and chewy or either crunchy or hard depending on the chef. With crushed sugar on top, its taste is unbeatable. Filled dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes further enhance the taste of Lokum.

3. Kunefe

If you want your taste buds to sing, then eat Kunefe. It is a cheesy pastry with a sweet taste. Originating from Arabs, it is widely eaten in Turkey. Kunefe is made from shredded filo (phyllo dough) and is filled with delightful cheese. It is served with various toppings but toppings like honey or syrup can really enhance its taste to the next level.


It can be served either cold or hot. It all depends on personal taste and preferences. If you want a hot cheesy dessert, then Kunefe is best for you. And if you want a cold cheesy dessert, then Kunefe is also best for you. You can eat it for breakfast or end your day with Kunefe after dinner. If you are in Turkey, then you should try Kunefe. You won’t regret it.

4. Tabak Tatlisi

Fourth on the list is Tabak Tatlisi. Tabak Tatlisi is also known as the Pumpkin dessert. It is a signature dish of Antalya which is a popular tourist spot in Turkey. Made by combining sugar, mashed pumpkin, milk, and spices in order to form a creamy custard-like texture, you’ll surely love Tabak Tatlisi. The nutty notes combined with sweet flavor make Tabak Tatlisi a wonderful dessert that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

5. Dondurma

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Especially Turkish ice cream? Dondurma, aka Turkish ice cream, is one of the best and most widely eaten desserts both by locals and tourists. Also, it is considered children’s favorite dessert. So if you are planning a birthday treat for your child, then you should treat them to Dondurma, they will surely love it.


Dondurma simply known as Turkish ice cream is made from cream, salep, sugar, and mastic. It comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from luxurious rosewater or pistachio to classic vanilla. For a better experience, eat Dondurma with dried fruits and chopped nuts because they add crunch and lovely sweetness to your dessert.

6. Turkish Tulumba

If you want to enjoy a deep-fried, sweet treat soaked in honey or syrup, then you should try no other dessert except Turkish Tulumba. Often served with dried fruits, sprinkling of cinnamon, and chopped nuts on top, it is a heaven for food lovers.

7. Firinda Sutlac

If you are gaining weight and want to consume enough calories, then why not try Firinda Sutlac? It is a rice pudding that is refreshing and lighter on the diet. Firinda Sutlac simply known as Turkish Rice Pudding is made by cooking rice (white) with milk, spices, and sugar until it forms a custard-like consistency that is creamy in texture. Served with nuts, raisins, dried fruits, or honey syrup, it is a perfect dessert for foodies.

8. Helva

It is one of the best, oldest, and included in top traditional dishes of Turkish culture. Consisting of sugar, sesame paste, and butter cooked together until a thick consistency is achieved. Helva is often served with syrup or honey on top. Depending on the preparation method, it can be either crunchy, soft, or creamy. If you want to enjoy both nutty and sweet flavors together, then Helva is the best option for you.

9. Lokma

A classic dish that Turks have applauded for centuries is none other than Lokma. This dessert contains deep-fried dough balls soaked in honey or syrup making it sticky and crispy at a time. For a better experience, eat Lokma with dried fruits, crushed nuts, and a topping of cinnamon. You’ll surely love it.



10. Noah Pudding

Lastly, do not forget to try Noah Pudding. Noah Pudding or Ashure is one of the best mouthwatering sweet dishes made with fruits, grains, and nuts. Consisting of berries, dried apricots, barley, raisins, chickpeas, walnuts, or hazelnuts, this dessert is a treat for foodies who love eating puddings.