Top 9 Mouthwatering Dishes That You Should Give a Try

Are you a foodie person? Do you love trying food from different cuisines? If yes, then this piece of writing is just for you. Traveling and satisfying your taste buds with delicious food from different corners of the world is just like a dream come true.


If you continuously travel to various countries and love trying their traditional food, then read this article to know some amazing traditional dishes that are searched just for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

1. Muamba de Galinha (Angola)



Mumba de Galinha is also known as Muamba Chicken. It is a popular dish in the Southern African Country; Angola. Muamba de Galinha is a semi-dry popular and delicious dish made with okra and chicken. If you are building muscles and eating only protein-rich food, you should try Muamba chicken. Because Muamba de Galinha is made with peanut butter. Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein.


This mouthwatering dish is cooked in peanut butter until it becomes soft and appealing to the taste buds. Muamba de Galinha is often served with rice. Which means adding more calories and some extra protein to your diet. Muamba chicken is a flavourful and hearty dish that can surely satisfy your hunger craving.

2. Jollof Rice (Nigeria)

If you are planning to visit Nigeria, then you should try Jollof Rice. Visiting Nigeria and not trying its traditional food will not be worth the trip. Jollof rice is made with rice, onion, tomatoes, and chili pepper. Jollof rice is often served with fish or chicken. Jollof rice due to its taste and high nutritional value, is also famous in other countries including Senegal, Ghana, etc.


If we talk about its preparation, the rice is boiled in broth or a water pot. Once they are cooked enough, the remaining ingredients including the tomato sauce are added to the rice. For a better experience, enjoy jollof rice with garnishing of parsley and green onions.

3. Kabsa (Saudia)

If you are in Saudi Arabia, then you might be wondering why people are shouting delicious and spicy Kabsa on food streets. If you love trying spicy chicken with rice, then doubtlessly Kabsa is the best option for you in Saudi Arabia. Kabsa is made from chicken and is served with rice, bread, and salad as a side option.


Its spicy taste is mouth-watering and is very hearty. Different types of spices are added to enhance the flavor of chicken.

4. Kushari (Egypt)

Did someone say pyramids? If you are in the land of pyramids, then why not try Kushari?

Kushari is a yummy dish made from lentils, rice, and macaroni. Adding tomato sauce on the top further enhances its flavor. It is included in Egypt's top dishes and is easily available everywhere. If you love trying street food, then you should go ahead and try Kushari.


Because it is economical, it is also known as the “Plate of the Poor”. But as its demand is increasing among tourists and locals, the prices are getting higher. So, plan your trip to Egypt ASAP to enjoy this delicious dish before the prices get too high.

5. Bobotie (South Africa)

No doubt, African cuisine has something unique in it. Bobotie plays an important role in maintaining the standard of African cuisine. It is a delicious pie made with lamb or ground beef that is mixed with bread crumbs, eggs, and numerous spices.


Originating from South Africa, due to its luxurious taste, it has become the national dish of South Africa. You can eat Bobotie cold or hot. It depends on your personal preferences and taste. Garnishing Bobotie with dried fruits and raisins enhances its taste to the next level.

6. Ful Medames (Sudan)

If you like eating stew, and you are in Suda, then you must try Ful Medames. It is considered one of the healthiest dishes loaded with proteins, antioxidants, fiber, etc. Ful Medames is a type of stew. It is made by adding vegetables and spices to fava beans (broad beans). It is the best option for breakfast but you can eat it any time. If you are looking for a quick meal in Sudan, then you should try it.


It is often served with yogurt or sour cream for a more appealing taste. Besides Sudan, Ful Medamas due to its unique taste is popular in other countries including Ethiopia and Egypt. We’re sure that you will not regret eating Ful Medamas.

7. Couscous (Algeria)

Couscous is one of the most nutritious and delicious meals available in Southern Africa. People of Algeria love to eat Couscous. Durum wheat semolina is used for making couscous. The semolina is boiled and rolled into tiny pallets. Which are then steamed. This results in light fluffy grains.


It can be served with meat, vegetables, or fish or can be eaten without any combination. You can also add herbs or spices to Couscous to further enhance its taste.

8. Shekla Tibs (Ethiopia)

Do you love sauteed meat? Who can ignore sauteed meat and vegetables when cooked perfectly? If you are a meat lover, then grab your backpack and get ready to try Shekla Tibs in Ethiopia. Shekla tibs is a traditional dish of Ethiopia that is made from beef or lamb, though fish or chicken can be used. It is served with a type of sourdough bread which is called Injera. For a better experience, try Shekla Tibs with collard greens, lentils, etc.

9. Fufu and Soup (Ghana)



If your next journey is to West Africa, then you should try the signature dish of Ghana which is none other than Fufu and Soup. It is made from yam flour and cassava and can be served with a variety of stews and soups.


Like other African dishes, Fufu is one of the best and healthiest dishes that can entertain you with numerous nutrients. To enjoy its taste and to experience the tradition of Ghana, it is best to eat Fufu with your hands.