Your Comprehensive Guide to Whipped Honey?

Your Comprehensive Guide to Whipped Honey?

Whipped honey, sometimes called spun or creamed honey, is just like pure honey. If you whip it with the help of a blender or mixer to incorporate air into its crystalline structure, it will become whipped honey. Whipped honey is airy, very frothy, and very tasty.



Why Should You Try Whipped Honey?

If you are looking for the reason why, try whipped honey. Then you are at the right place. There are more than enough reasons to replace traditional honey with whipped honey. Read on to know why you should try whipped honey.


  1. Whipped honey has a smooth and creamy texture. That makes it easy to spread on a variety of snacks including biscuits, toast, bread, etc. This enhances the taste of snacks. Try it and you will love it.


  1. We all know the luxurious taste of honey. Whipping it further enhances its taste. You will enjoy a consistent and rich taste with every bite.


  1. Whipped honey is the best option for plating and is used in a variety of recipes as a sweetener. You can enjoy whipped honey at breakfasts, lunch, brunch, desserts, etc.

Can You Make Whipped Honey at Home?

Making whipped honey at home is possible. The process is pretty simple. All you have to need is a few ingredients, and equipment including the following:

Ingredients Required:

  1. 1 Pound raw honey (unfiltered)
  2. Crushed cinnamon (optional)


  1. Mixer
  2. Air-tight jar

Step-by-Step Guide:


  1. The process of making the whipped honey starts with pouring the raw honey into a mixer or blender. It is best to use high-quality raw honey. The quality of honey matters in the overall taste.


  1. If you like that earthy aroma, then add a little amount of crushed cinnamon (or as per your taste) to the mixer containing honey.


  1. Then turn on the mixer. Insert the whisk that is attached to the blender or mixer in the honey and whisk for almost 20 minutes on medium speed.


  1. If your desired consistency is achieved, turn off the blender. Or you can whisk more if you want a more frothy and fluffy texture.


  1. Whisk until your level of froth is achieved.


  1. That’s all. Now take a beautiful glass airtight container or jar and put it in it. And enjoy the delicious, creamy whipped honey with your meals.


Note: If you are using crystallized honey, then it is important to heat it before whipping. Because it will make the whipping process easier.

Why Raw Honey is Better for Making Whip Honey?

When you are ready to whip the honey, it’s important to choose raw honey instead of pasteurized honey. Unfiltered and raw honey is best. The reason is that it is minimally processed. It is not heated or pasteurized and contains beneficial compounds. On the other hand, it is a possibility that additives including corn syrup might be present in processed or pasteurized honey.


If you use processed or pasteurized honey, then you may not be able to achieve the best consistency and ultimately the overall taste will be affected. Also, the whipped honey may separate later on. If you are looking for good quality raw honey, we suggest you buy Kirkland raw honey or buy raw honey from Nate’s company.

What are the Serving Options for Whipped Honey?

If you have prepared whipped honey by our recipe, then you can serve this creamy and deliciously sweet dish with numerous dishes. Read on to know what these are:


  1. Waffles and pancakes:


You can use whipped honey to add a top layer on waffles and pancakes. Whipped honey is the best replacement for those artificial syrups.


  1. Yogurt:


Doubtlessly, yogurt is beneficial for our health. It helps maintain the normal flora of our GIT (GIT stands for Gastrointestinal Tract). If you eat yogurt for breakfast daily, then it’s time for a twist. Instead of adding your ordinary sweetener, try whipped honey. You’ll surely love it.


  1. Fruit salad:


Besides being used in breakfast meals, whipped honey is also a great option for salads. If you are vegetarian or love eating veggies, then you should drizzle whipped honey over a bowl. This way, you can enhance the natural sweetness of the salad.


  1. Coffee or tea:


You can use whipped honey as a natural sweetener with an appealing taste in hot coffee or tea. By adding whipped honey, you’ll surely notice the difference in taste. And will definitely love this new combo.


  1. Oatmeal:


Loaded with micro and macronutrients, oatmeal is a perfect breakfast idea. If you want to try something new with the taste of your ordinary oatmeal, simply change the sweetener. You’ll notice the new exciting and creamy flavor that will make your taste buds dance with joy.


  1. Banana sandwich and peanut butter:


Are you worried about your children's tiffin? Don’t worry, try the new creamy flavored honey with banana sandwich along with a twist of crunch peanut butter. This new combo of whipped honey and peanut butter is the best and everyone loves it.


  1. Other serving options:


Besides the above, whipped honey can be served with plenty of other meals. You can combine it with pears and apples, rice cakes, desserts, bread, crepes, charcuterie boards, etc.

How You Can Store Whipped Honey?

Storing whipped honey is as easy as storing ordinary honey. You can store whipped honey in an air-tight jar or container and place it anywhere in your kitchen or home. Make sure to keep it at room temperature. It should be noted that honey does not have any shelf life. But for better taste, it is advisable to consume whipped honey within three months.