3 Best Knife Sets That You Should Know!


      If you are looking for a beautiful knife set on sale, then you are at the right place. A knife is a luxury in the kitchen, and one has to think twice before investing it. Because knives are the chef’s best friend and help the chef in his cutting tasks. So, if you are looking for a kitchen knife set on sale or want to upgrade the existing one, then you should read our guide. We have included the top 3 knife sets that are worth the investment.

      1. Cutluxe:

      First on our list is a knife set from Cutluxe. The knives manufactured by Cutlex offer exceptional quality at an affordable price that is accessible to chefs and home cooks. The 8-piece knife set from Cutlex is best for any kitchen. Besides the knives, the knife set also contains a knife block, which is ideal for keeping the blades safe.


      The knives are made up of high-quality German steel and are equipped with a full tang design. Due to its ergonomic design, they provide maximum durability and strength. The wood block of Cutluxe is made up of Acacia wood. The knife set on sale from Cutluxe includes the following blades:


      1. 9” Carving knife

      2. 7” Santoku knife

      3. 10” Bread knife

      4. 3.5” Paring knife

      5. 5” Utility knife

      6. 5” Serrated utility knife

      7. 8” Chef knife

      8. 8” Honing rod


      The knives are carefully forged and are designed ergonomically. It is important to mention that the ergonomic handles are made of Pakkawood, which provide the best stability compared to other knives.

      2. Henckels:

      Second on our list is none other than the knife set of Henckels. The premium quality knife set on sale by Henckels consists of 8 blades that are very important for cooking tasks. If you are looking for a knife set that can last long, then you should invest in knife sets of Henckels. The knives are lightweight. Which allows the user to cut easily and precisely. The following German engineered blades are included in knife sets of Henckels:


      1. 5 inch serrated utility knife

      2. 7 inch santoku knife

      3. 8 inch bread knife

      4. 3 inch paring knife

      5. 4.5 inch steak knife

      6. 8 inch cook’s knife

      7. Honing steel


      Just like Cutluxe, the knife set of Henckels also consists of a knife block.

      3. Wusthof

      Lastly, if you are more interested in German knives, then we suggest you buy the Wusthof classic knife set on sale. It features a sophisticated and sleek black handle equipped with a double bolster. The ergonomic handle provides great balance during various cutting tasks. Wusthof knives are crafted from a single block of carbon stainless steel.


      Their knives are designed to resist dulling and corrosion. Read on to know what types of knives are included in their knife set:


      1. 3 ½” paring knives

      2. 8” cook’s knife

      3.  Six 4 ½” steak knives

      4. 5” Santoku knife

      5. 8” Bread knife

      6. 6” Utility knife

      7. 5” Serrated utility knife


      Wusthof knives are highly durable and reputed in the world. Why? Because they come from the City of Blades. It is one of the oldest brands, serving knife enthusiasts and professional chefs with the best knives for around 200 years.

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