Explaining Slicing Knife in 3 Minutes!


      As we know, the cutlery industry is saturated with various knives. Among the wide variety of knives, a slicing knife is a unique type of knife that everyone should have in their kitchen. It is the best knife for introducing precision in your slicing and chopping. That’s the reason professionals include slicing knives in their knife set collection. Read on to know what this article will cover:


      1. Slicing knife

      2. Uses of slicing knife

      3. Types of slicing knife

      4. Distinction between slicing  and carving knife

      5. Price range of slicing knife

      Slicing Knife:

      A slicing knife is a particular type of knife that is used for making thin slices of cooked and raw meat. Besides meat slicing, it is also used for slicing fruits, vegetables, etc.. It has a narrow and long blade. And is available as an 8” slicer knife, or 12” slicer knife.


      The blade length of a slicing knife can vary from 8 to 14 inches. Almost all advanced slicing knives feature a Granton or Scalloped edge. The thin profile and length of the blade can allow you to cut slices effortlessly.

      What Are the Uses of Slicing Knives?

      As indicated by the name, the main purpose of a slicing knife is the slicing of raw or cooked meat from cooked poultry to roasted beef and fish. Besides that, it also supports the following functions:


      1. Slicing and cutting of vegetables

      2. Breads not having a hard crust can be sliced by slicing knives

      3. Making slices of ham, pork, fish, venison, poultry, etc.

      4. Cutting fruits, including foie gras and terrine.


      Meat slicer knife, ham slicer knife, or all-purpose slicer knives are important for your knife set because they prevent the tearing and crushing of the fibers.


      Note: A slicing knife is not the best option for peeling and mincing.

      How Many Types of Slicing Knives Are There?

      Slicing knives are of various types. The three popular types are listed hereunder:


      1. Pointed tip-slicing knife

      2. Round-tipped slicer

      3. Round-tipped slicer along a scalloped edge

      What is the Difference Between Slicing and Carving Knives?

      There is a great difference between slicing and carving knives. A slicing knife is equipped with a Granton edge, whereas carving knives are free from a Granton edge. Slicing knives are highly flexible and thinner compared to carving knives. Their rounded tip with a straight edge is perfect for cutting and slicing of soft food. On the other hand, carving knives have pointed tips with curved edges. It is perfect for slicing meat that is denser.

      What is the Price Range of Slicer Knife?

      The price of a slicer knife depends on various factors. Such factors include the material, craftsmanship, company, etc. If you want to buy a budget-friendly slicer knife, then it will cost you nearly $10 to $50. Or, if you want the best slicer knife made from Damascus steel or high-carbon stainless steel that is perfectly balanced and is made by a skilled smith or company, then it will cost you $150 to $500 or higher.

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