What You Should Include In a Kitchen Knife Set?


      If you want to buy a kitchen knife set or are thinking of upgrading the existing one, then this piece of writing is just for you. You have no freedom to add extra knives or knives of your choice in an already-designed kitchen knife set with a block. However, you can add various knives of your choice in a customized kitchen knife set with a block.

      3 Important Knives That You Should Add to Your Kitchen Knife Set With Block:

      If you are customizing your kitchen knife set, then consider adding the following knives. You’ll not regret it.


      1. Cook’s Knife:


      A cook’s knife is also known as a chef’s knife. It is a versatile knife that is primarily designed for slicing, dicing, cutting, and mincing vegetables and meat. It has a curved, broad, and sharp blade. The curve in the blade allows for a rocking motion which is important for slicing and chopping in a more efficient manner. The common size of a chef’s knife is  8 inches. But its size can vary from 6-12 inches. The blade of a chef’s knife can be made up of carbon steel,  ceramic, stainless steel, or even Damascus steel. Similarly, wood, plastic, or metal can be used to make handles.


      2. Bread Knife:


      As the name suggests, a bread knife is perfect for slicing various breads, from brioches and baguettes to biscuits and bagels. They are characterized by scalloped or serrated blades. These serrations allow the knife to grip and cut through soft and crusty bread without crushing it. A bread knife usually ranges from 8-10 inches in length. It is an important part of a kitchen knife set and is widely used by professionals.


      3. Paring knife:


      A paring knife aka, a mini chef’s knife, is perfect for getting precision and versatility in the cutting tasks. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel. That's the reason they offer a good balance of durability and sharpness. They are perfect for cutting vegetables, peeling potatoes and apples, and mincing onions and garlic. Furthermore, their 2.5 to 4-inch blade is best for coring tomatoes.




      Should I buy a customized knife set or a manufacturer’s designed knife set?

      If you are fond of buying unique kitchen knives and want to make your knife set luxurious, then you should buy a customized knife set. You can add various knives in a customized knife set according to your requirements.


      What is the price of a customized knife set?

      A customized knife set can be both affordable and costly. It depends on your requirements for how many knives you need and which types of knives you are adding to your knife set.


      Is it worth investing in a customized knife set?

      It's a big YES! Investing in a customized knife set, especially in a Damascus knife set is totally worth it. You have knives of your choice, design, shape, and size. What else do you need?

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