Your Guide to Chinese Chef Knife!


      Chinese chef knives (Cai Dao in Chinese) hold significant importance in preparing Chinese cuisine. Chinese chef knife aka Chinese Cleaver is a type of rectangular blade accompanied by a wooden handle. Due to their squared-off blade, they are a bit heavier but are still best at delivering efficient performance.


      The blade of Chinese chef knives is between 180 to 220 mm with an average height of 100 mm. Their weight is between 300g to 900g. Their heavy and large blades are perfect for mincing, scrapping, and breaking down heavy ingredients. Chinese cleavers which are also known as Chinese chef knives come in two varieties.


      1. Vegetable cleaver (deals with vegetables)

      2. Meat cleaver (deals with meat)


      The vegetable cleaver is lighter and thinner compared to the meat cleaver. On the other hand, a meat cleaver has a wide diameter and is best for dealing with hard bones. If you are fond of collecting knives from various countries, then you should add a Chinese chef knife to your collection. They are best for different jobs in the kitchen. You can use Chinese cleaver for slicing and chopping fish, vegetables, meat, and other ingredients.


      Here is what this article will cover:


      1. Why are Chinese chef knives the best?

      2. What material is used in a Chinese chef's knife?

      Why Are Chinese Knives Best?

      Before investing in Chinese knives, you should know why they are best. Interested in knowing? Continue reading!!!

      Often known as the King of Slicing, Chinese knives are best for dealing with everything ranging from vegetables to meat. Chinese knives are considered the best knives in the world because most of them are made from stainless steel. They are about 8 inches long. The edges of Chinese knives are angled at 20 degrees, which makes them efficient for doing multi-purpose jobs. The blade of Chinese knives is made thin so they can slice everything like thin paper.


      One of the foremost reasons why Chinese knives are best is their flexibility. They can last long, depending on the material used in their manufacturing. If you are buying a Chinese chef knife that is made from carbon steel, then it can definitely last years. Also, Chinese blades made with carbon steel are easy to sharpen.


      Another reason that contributes to their popularity is their aesthetic design. It is equipped with a thick handle and a long blade. Literally, you will see no weak spot in the knife.


      Lastly, as part of Chinese tradition, they often use wooden handles to give an aesthetic look to knives. Wooden handles are best for the efficient handling of knives. The wooden handle is generally 4 inches in length. However, if not handled properly, the wooden handle may get split or get damaged.

      What Material is Used in the Manufacturing of a Chinese Chef’s Knife?

      Various types of materials are used in the manufacturing of Chinese chef’s knives. Read on to know what these are:


      1. VG-10 stainless steel

      2. VG-1 stainless steel

      3. AUS-8 stainless steel

      4. Virgin carbon steel

      5. Damascus stainless steel

      6. High carbon steel

      7. Blue steel no.2 carbon steel, etc.

      The  bottom line:

      Chinese chef knife which is known as Cai Dao in Chinese holds significant importance in the world of knives. It is perfect for carrying out various tasks in the kitchen. Depending on the material used in its manufacturing, it can be lightweight or a little heavy but its performance is unmatchable.

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