Your Guide to Meat Cutting Knives!


      As we know, various types of knives are used for various purposes. A professional chef or someone interested in cooking will always choose the right knife according to the job. Likewise, specific types of knives are designed for cutting, chopping, and slicing meat. Such knives are known as meat knives or meat-cutting knives.


      In this article, we will discuss various knives used for meat cutting and other proteins. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin:

      Types of Knives for Cutting and Chopping Meat:

      Meat cleavers or knives are different from standard knives used in the kitchen. Read on to know some important types of knives used for cutting and chopping meat.


      1. Chef’s Knife:

      A chef’s knife is a very popular knife among knife enthusiasts. It is an all-purpose knife that efficiently cuts and chops meat. Control of ergonomic grip is an important part of a chef’s knife. Besides dealing with meat, it is also the best option for cutting, slicing, and chopping vegetables, herbs, etc.


      2. Meat Knife:

      Whether you are a pitmaster or not, a meat or carving knife is a perfect tool for precise carving and cutting roasts. A carving knife has less surface area, which makes it an ideal knife among other knives. 


      3. Meat Cleaver:

      As the name suggests, a meat cleaver is a powerful tool in the knife industry that is often used by butchers. Cleavers are also used for cutting, slicing, and chopping of vegetables and herbs. But a specific meat cleaver is perfect for getting nice cuts of meat. The sharp, broad, and large blade is best for cutting cartilage and carving big cuts of meat.


      4. Boning Knife:

      A boning knife is the best knife for separating the flesh from bones in fish or meat. It allows efficient cutting of meat. It is best for slicing and trimming meat according to your choice. If the boning knife is made of the best quality, it will surely give you the best results. Its sharp blade can also be used for chopping of cutting vegetables.


      5. Steak Knife:

      Last but not least, it is the best meat cut knife. As indicated by the name, it is particularly used for cutting steaks. If you are having trouble choosing a steak knife, then you should remember that a good quality steak knife has small serrations along its blade. It is important to retain flavor and moisture in cuts of meat.


      6. Paring Knife:

      If there is fat with meat, then you should choose a paring knife. It is a handy knife and is perfect to both score and trim through fats. Whether you want to remove extra fat from chicken meat or want to score the layers of fats, then a paring knife is best for you.


      7. Utility Knife:

      Lastly, ranging from 4 to 7 inches, a utility name is an all-purpose knife. They are the best equipment for slicing and cutting meat. Besides slicing and cutting, they are also used for removing skin and trimming fat from the meat.


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