Important Things You Need To Know About Global Cooks Knife!


      A Global Cooks knife is one of the best Japanese knives that is preferred among professionals. If you already have one or are thinking of buying one, then this piece of writing is just for you. Read on to know what this short article will cover:

      ● Global Knife

      ● Cleaning and washing of Global knives

      ● Storage of Global knives

      ● Important instructions provided by the company

      What is a Global Knife?

      Global knives are Japanese knives that are developed by the brand Global. It is one of the best companies not only in Japan but in the entire world. Global knives are manufactured by a Japanese company known as Yoshikin. Yoshikin, aka Yoshida Metal Industry Co. Ltd, is headquartered in Niigata, Japan. Global knives are superior compared to other knives. Because they are lightweight, have distinctive designs, and high-quality material is used in their production.


      Global knives brand was introduced in 1985 by Komin Yamada. The initial aim was to create a series of knives that would meet the needs of home and professional chefs. But after that, it became popular and became an international company. Now, you can see global knives have dominated the knife industry.


      Global knives are often made with a single piece of metal. Material like Cromova 18 stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of Global Knives. Croma 18 stainless steel is a blend of molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium. That’s why they are the sharpest knives available in the knife industry.  

      How Should You Clean And Wash Global Knives Set?

      As they are elite pieces, it is important to pay special attention to their cleaning and washing. Just like other knives, you should avoid washing global knives in the dishwasher. Instead, wash them with your hands with mild detergent liquid. And after washing, immediately dry them. Do not expose them to high temperatures and harsh detergents. Doing so will damage the blade of your knife.


      If rusts develop due to any reason, then you should use magic rubber that comes with global knives  or any stainless steel cleaner to get rid of rust


      Note: Rust usually develops due to improper storage and cleaning.

      Where Should You Store Your Global Cooks Knife?

      In order to take good care of your Global Cooks knife, you should store it carefully. You can store them in:


      1. Global knife blocks

      2. Knife cases

      3. Magnetic wall rocks

      4. Knife docks, etc

      Note: Global knives are very sharp tools. Try to keep them out of reach of children.




      Why should I invest in Global Knives?

      If you want a knife from a Japanese brand that is perfectly balanced and has high edge retention, then you should buy it.


      What is the Price Range of Professional Global knives?

      As Global is an international brand and manufactures various knives, the price varies according to each knife. Professional Global knives can range from $100 to $200. Furthermore, the price can also fluctuate from merchant to merchant.

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